Harry Potter is visiting Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have read,seen and know everything about Harry potter but have you ever walked in the streets of Hogwarts?

By Finnley Xuereb 6B


First of all Universal, Universal is a movie studio and a amusment park with a bunch of fun rides some examples of rides are the tour, Minion Maham, Transformaers and many others. Some movie that they make are home alone pitch perfect and Happy feet.Image result for Simpsons

Hogwarts is a breathtaking adventure of a life time palce. Hogwarts is literally hogwarts village in Universal. The two atrraction at universal are Harry potter and the lost journey wich is the main atraction, this atraction is a 3D, motion simulator in this ride you go all around Hogwarts, play quidich and fight witches and a man eating dragon. And the flight of the hypogriff,the other fun atrraction wich is a fun twisting roller coaster where you bow youre heads to a Hyppogriff. In the village there also contains other fun things like for example the frog choir. The frog choir is a group of Hogwart students who rally up with their tallented singing frog and sing with their nice and fun composer, an another thig that you csn do is buy youre own wand, in the village thier is a shop and a stand were you could see all the peoples wand in the books and movies, throught the park there are certain wands that can let you levitate stuff in in store and in shops!!!!!A fun drink that you can get anytime, butterbeer,a famous drink in harry potter!!!!! Now you can go visit an havee the adventure of a lifetime


Finnley Xuereb 6B