How to organize your homework and your locker

If you have lots of homework it is good to be organized and have a clean and also organized locker so that when you get your stuff for your homework it is easier. And also if your homework is organised and finished for the weekend you can relax and enjoy your weekend.

By Juliette Dumont et Arabelle Draeger  6C

In middle school you have lots and lots of homework. If you want to relax during the weekend you have to organize your homework really well. Here are a couple of ways to help you :

    1 : Look at all your homework that you have for the week and the following Monday.

    2 : If you have extra time and you finished all your homework you can work on the homework that you have for the next days.

    3 : Relax on the weekend.


    Your locker also has to be very organized. You should have a shelf. If you want you can take a little whiteboard so that you can write important dates on it. Also it is very important to have a schedule in your locker. If you want you can, memorize it.


If you do all these things you will be able to relax for the whole weekend. And especially enjoy your weekend and have fun. You will not be stuck with all your homework.


Here are a couple of examples to help you organize your locker and how to not organize your locker.




This is an example of a clean locker. This person, as you can see is a very organized person as well as her locker.




This is an example of a disorganized locker. This person, as you can see is a very disorganized person as well as his or hers locker.


If you are struggling with something, you must just relax. It may mean that you are too overwhelmed or you are trying to hard to get everything done in one or two nights.


For example, I said to a fellow classmate that he should start to do his SVT homework in the last 10 minutes as much as he can( without trying to overwhelm himself of course); that way he would not be at home doing his homework and then his mom asks him what he is doing and then he gets in trouble.


So if you have something to do that is really important and you don’t want to do it. It doesn’t matter if you want to do it or not, JUST DO IT. Do you care about having fun and then getting in trouble because you didn’t do your homework, or do you want to do your homework, not get in trouble, and then have more time for fun after?


I would suggest doing the second one, the do homework, not get in trouble, and have more fun at the end. IT WILL SAVE YOU A LOT OF HEADACHES!!!

Juliette Dumont et Arabelle Draeger  6C