LILA 2017 Sneak Peek!

    Lately, I’ve heard one big question floating around the school, “What are the changes being made to the school for next year?”. Well I have the answer. My father is currently working with the school to add many new additions to the Burbank campus, many of which I think will satisfy the desires students had.

Par Ben Graham 6A

One is a new soccer field. This soccer field will not be made of concrete, something people have been wanting for a long time. The soccer field will also be surrounded by a running track. Another thing that will be added is a basketball court made of spongy material instead of the hard plastic we have now.

They will also be implementing multiple new shade structures. These structures will insure that students have shade on hot days. They will also add new trees on all four sides of the campus to add more greenery as well as shade. Another extra addition will be a small park with tables and chairs underneath three large trees.  


Hopefully these additions satisfy your wishes for the campus, I know they satisfied mine! If you want this to become a reality, click here to donate. There is only less than a month left! What were your wishes for the campus for next year and will they become a reality? Feel free to email me at!  


Ben Graham 6A