Radio In Los Angeles

By: Rafaelle Dumont

What is RADIO ?


RADIO is an other way to learn information about your community or city. The radio has been in our worlf since the 1920’s Of course there is also music, and some sort of giveaways. For example, tickets for a concert, Ipads and money. SOmetimes it is also funny because they talk about famous peoples life and relate it to there own. Even for kids it is interesting to know what happens to other people in the world, and listen to there favoite songs. Do you know a lot of people that listen to the radio ? If so how much time ?



Is RADIO popular in Los Angeles ?

Yes, about 4 million people tune in 5 min per week. You would think that the radio is only for music, but there is much more things like news about things that happen in the world and what happens in your community or city.

Could this be a problem ?

In fact radio kind of takes over the world. More and more people listen to it. We can infer that because people call in to get free Ipads or tickets for concert coming up. Radio is most probably a good thing because it’s another way to learn information when your not at home watching the news on your TV.



Are RADIO stations really commercial free ?

Radio host say that the their chanel is commercial free.It is not actually commercial free, it probably has less commercials then other chanels. A radio station can not, not have commercials, because those companies who have there commercial on the radio, pay that radio station. And that is how they get their money. Some radios can be commercial free if you subscribe.