The Amazment of YellowStone National Park

Your first steps in YellowStone National Park, you will be amazed at what you’re walking on and you don’t realise how incredible the nature is. You are walking on an old volcano.

By Natalia Cook 6B

YellowStone was signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant on March 1, 1872. It is located in parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It was the first national park in the U.S and in the world. Native Americans have lived there for 11,000 years. Now it is a world wide known National Park and people from all over the world come for a relaxing vacation and visit all the cool stuff such as: the endangered animals, the gysers, the wildlife, the hot springs and other rare specimens.


It is best to travel in the spring but it is still very cold. Daytime temperatures can get around the 30s and the 60s. In the winter and spring ,snow occures and you can bundel up and do ski, snowboarding, bycicling, walking, jogging, roller scatting and similar activities. In the spring, animals are very active such as: bears, bison, elk, wolves and other wildlife. Throughout the park, lots of campig grouds and lodgesto stay in and they open in May. There are lots of cool spots that you could visit anytime like: Old Faitful (gyser), Mammouth Hotsprings, the forests …




This is the Midway Geyser Basin.    



YellowStone has the biggest concentration of animals in the lower 48 states of the U.S. There are 61 different types of animals in the Park. Some of them you see everywere and are very common like bears (over 500 grizzlies and black bears) and gray wolves, they were restored in 1995 and there are now over 370 gray wolves and around 13 packs living in Yellow Stone. Some animals are very rare to spot such as wolverines, lynx, and mountain lions. They are all very secerative animals and are good at camafloging in the rocks and vegitation. There is also a great number of herbivores like bison, elk, mule deer, moose, big horn sheep, pronghorn and white tailed deer. All those mamals are also native to the park. It also includes the largest herd of elk in the U.S.

Most people that visit like to see other animals too like otter, foxes, badgers, and any newborn animals. Lots of the wildlife are best viewed in different places, for example: Wolves are best viewed in Lamar and Hayden Valley in the early morning time and late afternoons. Ravens usually hang out around places were wolves are becauce they scavenge for leftovers of the pack. In the park, it is illegal to feed the animals. “ Again a fed animal is a dead animal - Good or Bad, the park service will destroy animals that are habituated to human contact and food.”from the park service. Most animals live in the forests or plains of MOntana, Ildaho, and Wyoming.

Yellow Stone National Park has so many surprises and amazing sights. The wildlife is better than you can ever imagine. You will see sights you have never seen before. Stay at the park for a natural and serene vacation.

Natalia Cook 6B