The bees are going Extinct! End of the world?

Did you know bees are going extinct? The are supposed to be the most resistante species on earth. How can we stop that?

By Adelaide James 6C

Bees pollinate most of our food’s flowers. Without them, most of our daily supplies would be reduced to much less. Some food the bees pollinate include: apples, blueberries, cucumbers, cranberries, pumpkins, squashes and more. The process of pollination according to Biology the Dynamics of Life by, the National Geographic Society and seven others is, “ As the bee eats nectar from the flower, pollen becomes attached to the bee. The bee moves to another flower, and some of the pollen from the first flower may pollinate the second flower. The bee gets food, and the plant is able to reproduce.”

    This subject usually does not pop into someone’s head. Though, it is a serious problem. Without bees we wouldn’t have fruits and vegetables. Imagine what would happen to all the vegetarians and vegans! Prices would go up to very expensive and farmers would have to go out of business.


 No worries, GMOs got our backs! Well, that is wrong! GMOs and pesticides kill all insects, that’s right, even bees. And, because of that bees can not pollinate. Without bees most of our vegetation would be gone. Now, I did say most. We would still have some but much less because flowers (the original form of fruit) can self-pollinate, and the wind could transport pollen from one flower to the other.

    Everyone can help the bees. Even one person can save a bee’s life. You can make a bee-friendly landscape. All you should do is:

1- shelter bees

2- grow lots of flowers all year ( making sure to have a full garden at all times )

3- not use pesticides

4 - help support bees (put up signs)       


Just a little bee joke:




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Adelaide James 6C