We Have To Stop!!! Life as we know could vanish from under our feet and we don't know it!

 Most people don't understand that they have to protect the environment and the species in it. We produce way too much and never use it! The Living Planet report calculates that humans use 30% more resources than the Earth can produce and if we don't stop soon, our world will perish. Scientists say that two thirds of the world's species have gone extinct. Humains use way more water, soil, food, nature etc… then we need and it’s a problem

By Kaya Gaugain Kobuchi et Seana Hadnagy 6C


Since the population of man is multiplying faster and faster, we think that we need to produce more of everything. Large scale farming, using chemical fertilizers to get a bigger result, removing trees and others plants to increase space are all examples of what humans do to “make the world better”. We are the most polluting species, pollution occurs at different levels and it doesn't just impact our planet; it impacts all species, including mankind. Humans cut down three million to six million trees a year! That’s more than enough to supply our population, and humans are still in high demand of them. This behavior has to be brought to an end. Humans should use less paper or use it more carefully. For example, look at your surroundings. You can see at least some type of paper element around you. Instead of being surrounded by paper and waste, we should be in an environment where we are surrounded by trees and plants. According to the United Nations, "The estimations we have now tell us there are 3.5 million premature deaths every year caused by household air pollution, and 3.3 million deaths every year caused by outdoor air Pollution." This is also a huge problem with our species.

   Since electricity has evolved so much over the years, humans have to do much less than they used to. Nowadays people can just turn on the TV to entertain themselves or can call a taxi to go anywhere. But we don’t realize that we are ruining the earth by doing so. With every car ride to the store or flick of a switch, we contribute to global warming.  Humans need to bike and walk more, we need to be outside more and less on our devices.  

We take up more space on Earth for our homes and cities than is necessary. We pollute habitats and we illegally hunt and kill animals. In addition to that, we bring exotic species into habitats. All of these activities take resources and habitats away from plants and animals. This is only ONE of our species problems. We create so many problems in the world and don’t realise it. If we want our future species to be able to survive on earth, we need to realize the concept of overproducing and do something about it.

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